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   My friend and I were going to the movies one afternoon. After working out. we went back to my place to change. We took turns taking showers and when she got out naked she did not even bother to cover up. Her tits were big with large red nipples. Her very furry pussy was still wet from the shower. This girl had the fuzziest hairy pussies ever! She caught me staring. "Maybe I need to train you, eh? My little slut!" She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, our tongues entwining. She grabbed a handful of my hair. "Now I want you to get on your knees and LICK!". I left a trail of tiny fluttering kisses down her smooth body until I reached her tangled mass of black fuzz. I ran my fingers over her slit. Her cunt lips were puffy and spread. I pulled her lips as far as I could and licked the entire length of her pussy.

She was moaning and started to grind on my face as she pulled my hair. She then started to jerk around and started coming on my tongue. Her juices squirted into my mouth and I lapped them up. She licked my ear and pushed me onto the bed. She got between my legs and spread them wide. I pushed her head away at first. It was too intense and I was feeling a little funny about making this a full-blown fuck session. She then started licking my thighs and rubbing my lightly trimmed. I soon forgot everything but the fire between my legs. She plunged her tongue inside me and I shivered and sighed. Nothing ever had felt this good. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into my quivering pussy. She then spread my pussy lips and put two fingers in me.

She worked two, then four spindly fingers into my slippery cunt. She then tucked her thumb into her fist and slipped her entire fist into me! I felt my lower body spread with fire. I was totally opened as she spread my ass cheeks apart and ran her tongue into my asshole. My pussy was throbbing rhythmically on her fist as the puckering walls of my anus contracted on her tongue as I came in bursts of sweet wet release.

Susan spun around and put her hairy pussy right over my face. She had me pinned and helpless and her hairy cunt was scratching my face and I couldn't breathe. I was, however, extremely aroused. I cant explain but this girl had blown my sexual rules all out the window.

I had never slept with a girl and she had fist fucked me and was now smothering me with her hugely hairy cunt. I worked my mouth around her twat, inside her, getting mouthfuls of coarse pubic hair. As she ground into me, I could really smell her aromas and her musky dark smells. She came wetly, all over my face in a stream of gooey liquid that was surprising. Everything about her was surprising.
I held Susan, swallowing the last of her cum, my ass aching and stretched. She grabbed my hair and looked into my face. "You're a sweet little girl, my dear, I think I shall make you my house slave".
We never made it to the movies.


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